Material minds
De 15.02.18 a 16.02.18
10:00 a 19:00

Sometimes the start of a design project is not necessarily a specific problem or an intuitive idea, but a very specific material that should be used. Then one can come up with design ideas by experimenting with that material. In the _material minds_ workshop all participants will purposefully use one specific material - Japanese screen paper to create products, furniture, objects or even installations. The two intense workshop days will consist of practical assignments and try-outs. The participants will get active, use their hands and the given material in multiple ways to then create a quick prototype of their final idea.

The main material Japanese paper (rice cellulose pulp with thin plastic layer)will be provided. Additionally it would be necessary that participants could bring the following: sketching material (paper, pens), scissors, tape, cutter, glue and additional materials each one thinks could be useful or has left at home.


Thursday 15th and Friday 16th
10am - 2pm
3.30pm - 7pm

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