Archi-sewing, embroidered stories
From 05.02.18 a 28.02.18
All day long

Embroidery is a traditional and international handicraft technique, a feminine and invisible art that has never left the home, decorating bed, bathroom and kitchen linens. Design, interior design and handicrafts join forces to create a dialogue between two people in this workshop. Large scale cross stitch embroidery lets us communicate with another person, talking and separating us a bit from the technology that absorbs us so much, a way of recovering the idea of paying attention to the people who we are with, working with our hands and going back to a time of traditions. In the space we will have panels shaped like a house with a metallic fabric to work on. We will take a journey through the artistic styles that touch different continents and speak both of textile and decorative motifs.


IED Madrid, calle Flor Alta 8.

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