D-Day: Designing the future

D-Day closes the 2018 Madrid Design Festival. An afternoon of ideas and parties to bid farewell to the first edition of this big international design event in Madrid. The iconic Hall of Columns at the Circulo de Bellas Artes—one of Madrid’s grandest buildings—designed by Antonio Palacios in 1919, will be the site for two different talks with intellectuals, artists and researchers who use the word ‘design’ to think and debate on the future.

19.00 CONVERSATION: Juan Navarro Baldewerg and Manuel Fontán del Junco, moderated by Lucia Jalón

The word ‘design’ lends itself to thoughts on the future and preparing for this future. Juan Navarro Baldewerg, architect, painter, sculptor and writer, chats to Manuel Fontán, director of exhibitions at the Juan March Foundation, on the relationships between architecture, art, culture and design.

The conversation is moderated by Lucía Jalón, an architect and director of studies at Sur, the arts school founded by the Círculo de Bellas Artes and La Fábrica.

20.00 CONFERENCE: José Manuel Sánchez Ron and Enrique Alonso, moderated by David Sánchez Usanos

José Manuel Sánchez Ron, physicist and professor of History of Science, National Essay Award winner and member of the Royal Spanish Academy, and Enrique Alonso, lecturer of Logic and Theory of Computation, researcher and essayist on internet and social media, will talk about the role that science and technology can play in shaping the future and its possible design.

The conference will be moderated by David Sánchez Usanos, lecturer of Philosophy and academic director at SUR.

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