The Courtyard
From 06.02.18 a 25.02.18
All day long

Since the onset of the collaboration between Nacho Carbonell and Cervezas Alhambra for this project, and due to this brand’s connection to the Alhambra, the artist has been thinking of this fabulous monument as a source of inspiration in his design.

The installation of open transparent figures is his allusion to the Courtyard of the Lions. The idea of open space and the arrangement of the group of chairs incites the public to take time to open their senses and observe…

The high-backed chairs, reminiscent of the stylised svelte wood in the thin support columns at the Alhambra bear large display cases in which the nature of the light has an important function, creating lights and shadows dictated by the design of the bottles in an array of geometric decorations.

The melted bottles resting in the structure create a play of shapes and colours where the public feels—just like in the Courtyard of the Lions—invited to rest and contemplation.

To create the work, Nacho Carbonell used barley paste, which gives body and colour to the pieces, and melted over 10,000 Cervezas Alhambra beer bottles to create the glazed coverings that intertwine the chairs.

crear/sin/prisa (create/without/hurry) is the contemporary creation platform by Cervezas Alhambra that transfers the brand’s desire to promote artistic creation and to respect handcrafted traditions reinterpreted with a contemporary twist and stopping to appreciate the details with all our senses.

The Courtyard by Carbonell, Cervezas Alhambra’s new project on the crear/sin/prisa platform is exhibited for the first time as part of this edition of the Madrid Design Festival.

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