Museum Routes

The Madrid Design Festival expands the design vibe throughout the city, and several museums have joined this initiative, with routes created especially for the occasion.  These temples of art highlight their most special collections linked to design, they offer guided tours with specialists and they transport us back to previous eras. Jewellery, furniture, paintings and footwear are the stars of these design walks that are open to the public in the Spanish capital.

The museums and allies of the Madrid Design Festival are: The National Museum of Decorative Arts, where you can see glass items, Manolo Blahnik shoes and a dinner service that demonstrate that design is the original source in this space for culture. The Archaeological Museum highlights two of its most lovely pieces, relics from the past. The jewellery collection amassed by Lázaro Galdiano at the museum that bears his name, as well as a selection of furniture selected for the occasion at the Museum of Romanticism.  Finally, the Sorolla Musuem joins in with a selection of pieces designed or commissioned by the painter.