21st Century Condominiums: Vitápolis Senior Cohousing
19:00 a 19:45

In Western culture, we are faced with a crisis of a population with a longer life expectancy and one of higher quality, which forces us to find new residential formulas that provide modern day solutions to their needs.

The architecture and design studio Romero Vallejo coordinates a multidisciplinary team of professionals, engineers, economists, designers, lawyers, healthcare workers and architects who have all come together to define the Vitápolis project, different cohousing that is custom designed for seniors and the elderly.

In the conception of the building, beyond planning a group of living spaces, the aim is to construct an environment that is equipped with the life aspirations of its users. Places to gather and talk, with spaces for learning, care, sharing and being assisted, in parallel keeping their privacy and independence.

The project is also linked to a sustainable socioeconomic framework that has let the building be built firstly, and subsequently, to assure that the activities programme is upheld.

At Romero Vallejo, we take charge of the organisation, coordination and management of the project to construct Vitápolis, from planning the architecture and interior design for the building.

The building is currently under construction.


Date: Saturday February 16 from 19.00h to 19.45h
Place: COAM 
Entry: Activity included in the MadridDesignPRO program

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