Design Thinking Crack the Case: “Reimagining the future of urban mobility”
10:00 a 14:30

The event will be given by three Mormedi directors and will have a workshop format, combined with ‘capsules’ with presentations and working in small teams of 4-5 people. The purpose of the workshop will be to develop, debate and resolve a case/challenge that the Mormedi team presents at the beginning of the workshop.

We will pick a relevant topic, for example revolving around urban mobility, health, the banking experience, education, etc. The idea is to guide and challenge participants to confront the challenges of a project with a hybrid focus that we will touch upon via different dimensions of design such as physical (Industrial Design), digital (UI/UX Design) and the experience jointly with value propositions and business models (Service Design/Business Design), bearing in mind the points of view of the client, end user and the contextual drivers that present both challenges and opportunities (changes at levels of technology, lifestyle, demographics, regulations, etc.).

Workshop phases

Phase 1: Briefing on the challenge: introduction with customer centric focus and presentation by one of our business directors to understand why clients seek our help... What are their main challenges, pain points, needs?
Phase 2: Interviews with the client. A member of the Mormedi team will play the role of the client and will answer questions from the audience after listening to the presentation of the case.
Phase 3: Presentation of the Mormedi methodology. Our VP of Design & Strategy will present Mormedi’s Design Thinking methodology to resolve our clients’ cases and the different steps, frameworks and practices that should be followed.
Phase 4: The audience breaks into teams and gets ready to resolve the case using the methodology presented. Our VP of Design & Strategy will accompany the different teams throughout the session, guiding the process and answering questions. In this phase, we will work with whiteboards or papers on which the different frameworks can be filled out or to exemplify the steps to follow.
Phase 5: Presentation of each team’s conclusions to the ‘client’ and debate. Each team will present its conclusions and the Mormedi team member playing the client role will debate each team’s proposal, where the audience should also give their input.
Phase 6: Conclusions by the Mormedi team and final questions from the audience.


Date: Saturday February 16 from 10h to 14.30h
Place: COAM 
Entry: Activity included in the MadridDesignPRO programming
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