Electric Green. MINI
From 29.01.20 a 16.02.20
All day long

MINI, through its MINI Electric brand, suggests a video installation to reflect on the importance of preserving nature in the city with a main goal: reducing CO2. A sustainable lighting experience produced with minimum power consumption and materials that will turn the iconic vertical garden of CaixaForum into a dreamlike space.

During the daytime, the new electric MINI will play sounds of nature surrounded by plants, as if it were a piece of land-art. At night, the lights will be turned off to give way to a show of animated light particles evocative of moving insects and will travel across the vertical garden to produce a hypnotic effect.

On this occasion, MINI has relied on the Mayice studio to create and build this project. Also, they will work together with Loreto Aycuents on the plant art and with visual artist Pablo Montero to develop the video-art projection.


Dates: January 29 to February 16
Visiting hours: During the day you will be able to see the installation. The light projection though will be activated from 7pm to 11pm
Place: Vertical garden. CaixaForum Madrid
Admission: Free