Experimental Skins
19:00 a 19:45

ZAP&BUJ is a platform working at the intersection of architecture, fashion and technology through experimentation in workshops with new materials and digital tools that make this approach possible. Our bodies are surrounded by several skins: our own skin, clothing, architecture, etc. The application of technology opens up new possibilities for interactions between them. The workshop will investigate and work with new trendy, yet quite uncommon, materials like silicones, thermal insulation sheets and decorative coverings for glass, as well as materials with shape-memory, such as nitinol and polymers, bringing them closer to the body. In turn, they use digital and prototyping tools (3D printing, CNC and laser cutting).

Why not aim for fashion that resolves other criteria, besides aesthetic ones, so that it relates to specific people, environments and situations and, in short, improves users’ looks. Why not imagine that these skins that are applied to the body could be applied to other spaces?


Date: Thursday February 14 from 19.00h to 19.45h
Place: COAM 
Entry: Activity included in the MadridDesignPRO programming

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