Fine print: Illustration and Fashion
From 14.01.19 a 19.05.19

In an age when everybody can take a photo and edit it right then with filters and applications to get a professional result, there continues to be very few endowed with the skill of drawing what’s in front of them. For this reason, fashion illustration can be understood as a different sort of narration that celebrates a personal and intimate vision. The 22 contemporary masters of illustration that share this exhibition do not however share a specific technique. Some use pencil, others a digital brush and others watercolours... But in all cases the result is an attractive, elegant and unique image, that is, a ‘fine print’. Fina Estampa. Ilustración y Moda (Fine Print: Illustration and Fashion) brings together some 100 works in a single room of the creators who are shaking up the fashion industry and social media. This project has a potential to go viral and a scope that transcends our borders.

Dates: 14.01 - 19.05.2019
Location: Museo ABC