Forum about international competitions and awards to support emerging talent
19:45 a 20:30

Andreu World organizes, on the occasion of the Madrid Design Festival 2020, a meeting between Spanish companies that promote international competitions and awards to support emerging talent in different fields of creation such as design, interior design, architecture and artistic crafts. In addition to the Valencian company, Cosentino, Roca, Signes and the Loewe Foundation will participate.

Professional competitions are common in disciplines such as architecture, branding and even automotive, in its most restricted versions. It is a practice that is perfectly understood when it comes to projects that have a high cost and risk. But they are rarely open to emerging talent. For them there are other types of competitions and awards organized by the companies that participate in this meeting, three of them - Andreu World, Roca and Signes - recognized with the National Design Award, among other things, for having made the effort to organize them.

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Date: Thursday February, 13
Hour: At 7:45pm

Place: Salón de actos del COAM
Entrada: Free, with prior confirmation at