Grupo 13. Advertising between Art and Design
From 21.11.18 a 31.03.19
All day long

Advertising between Art and DesignNational Museum of Decorative Arts, produced by the , centres on the advertising group, Grupo 13, founded in Madrid in 1961. The main purpose of Grupo 13 was to dignify advertising in Spain post– autarchy with its obligatory political neutrality. Its development is framed within an era of effervescence of ‘groups’, characterized by idealism and the social nature of their projects. Its members acted unconventionally with the intention of transgressing and violating advertising language, creating many of the images that accompanied us in the media of the day, in multiple fields of consumption in daily life. The last joint activity of Grupo 13 took place in 1978. This exhibition, curated by Javier González Solas, shows a panorama of its production and its activities. It takes us through a timeline to the present day, linking the history of advertising and design with the present– day situation of both disciplines, with the purpose of arousing critical thought on the conceptual similarities between the past and the present.


Photogrphy: “Lotería Nacional” by Tártalo

Dates: 21.11.2018 - 31.03.2019
Location: National Museum of Decorative Arts
Curator: Javier González Solas