I work! Because that’s what I’m like
From 30.01.20 a 01.03.20
10:00 a 21:00

We first started hearing about industrial design around a hundred years ago. This was a new discipline that was meant to shape the objects produced by the incipient industry. Until then, there hadn’t been any need for projects in craftsmanship. The arrival of the Industrial Revolution was a life-changing milestone in the history of mankind. Suddenly the designer was expected to create a project that the industry would then materialise. With this dramatic change, the human scene would experience a radical transformation. Houses started changing their look along with their interiors, furniture, implements, devices and appliances. Streets too changed with the emergence of vehicles, whilst workplaces made room for machinery and computers. The new discipline that has shaped all these objects has been industrial design. A tool that is currently essential in any modern setting.

The purpose of this exhibition is to show how industrial design has shaped today's scene. Through the items exhibited and the opinion of several well-known designers, this exhibition analyses some of the products that have helped improve our lives. We will see how design is more than giving shape to a function. On the one hand, design is a great incentive for businesses that consider this creative discipline as the means to selling more products. On the other hand, design is also a means to further modern culture. It reflects the expression of human evolution from a technological point of view and a formal one.

This exhibition will clearly show the influence of the aesthetic trends in product design at different times. Here we will dissect the apparent dilemma between function and shape through outstanding items and we will find out their main characteristics. The exhibition will show works from as far back as the 50s and right up until now. 

This project is the initiative of gallery director Moisés Pérez de Albéniz who has loaned most of the pieces on display from his own private collection. Given the extension and diversity of the themes in this collection, we propose of selection of areas based on the following concepts: to cheapen, improve, complement, speed up, multifunction, reduce, signify and implement.

Additionally, for Madrid Design Festival 2020, JCDecaux will take the I work! Because that’s what I’m like exhibition out onto the streets, at the Plaza de Felipe II from February 1st to 15th, aiming to spread inspiring messages about design as an element that drives change in our environment and in the modern material landscape.


Dates: January 30 - March 1
Visiting hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 9pm
Place: Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa 
Curator: Juli Capella
Admission: Free