Journey to the centre of Subterfuge (1989-2019). 30 years of musical design
12:15 a 13:00

Journey through the 30 years of SUBTERFUGE RECORDS via images and designs. From the primitive and first fanzines of the 90s, the source of everything, moving on through its first forays into record production, recognised successes, important milestones, special sounds and—above all—the perception of the evolution of music formats and the dissemination of music… from his inception in vinyl during the age of the strictest and most militant underground, to the transformation caused by the digital revolution and its industrial reconversion. A way of understanding and grasping, via images and words, what has happened on the independent music scene over the last 30 years.


Date: Saturday February 16 from 12.15h to 13.00h
Place: COAM 
Entry: Activity included in the MadridDesignPRO programming

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