LG Eco House
From 04.02.19 a 22.02.19
09:00 a 20:00

LG presents the future house

LG is endowing Madrid Design Festival with the house of the future: the LG ECO house. Thanks to the company’s premium range, LG Signature, visitors can see how design, efficiency and technological innovation converge to give rise to the house of the future. LG recently launched its Smart Green commitment, aimed at raising the population’s awareness about the importance of buying consciously and with environmental friendliness. The LG Signature range heeds this commitment with the most efficient products on the market, without neglecting design or innovation.
To carry on with this vision, LG presents its smart and emotional technology at COAM for Madrid Design Festival. This technology is committed both to people and the future of the planet. Electrical appliances and products whose aim is to make people’s daily lives easier with artificial intelligence and, in parallel, care for the environment and be efficient and, above all, boast innovation and design to let people enjoy their time at home.


Date: From 4 to 22 February
Inauguration interior installation: 4 February
Time: From monday to friday, from 9.00am to 8.00pm
Location: COAM
Free entrance