MINI Urban Talk: Made of Air – Transforming C02 into construction materials
11:00 a 11:45

Made of Air is an innovative company that has developed a unique material, designed to help combat climate change. The material is produced from Biochar, a stable carbon produced from plant and/or animal biomass and buried in the subsoil to prevent the CO2 from dispersing into the atmosphere. This material is a sustainable alternative for construction, architecture and interior design. The Made of Air material significantly reduces the carbon footprint caused by buildings, helping cities to achieve their environmental challenges for a healthier environment. The Made of Air material traps C02 directly from the air, actively reducing C02 levels.

Daniel Schwaag, one of the cofounders of Made of Air will be talking to us about the creation process for this material, how it is being applied and its potential future use.

Then MaterialDriven, represented by Adele Orcajada, will make a brief introduction of a series of innovative materials that are used in creating cements for more sustainable cities. Attendees can interact with the material samples and discover their properties for themselves.

Both Daniel and Adele will be available to attendees to answer their questions or explore material solutions for their projects.


Date: Saturday February 16 from 11.00h to 11.45h
Place: COAM 
Entry: Activity included in the MadridDesignPRO programming

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