Mutant Workshop by Matadero: “Cli-Fi series” from the Mutant Institute of Environmental Narrative
From 17.02.20 a 22.02.20
All day long

Di_mad, the Mutant Institute of Environmental Narrative (Instituto Mutante de Narrativas Ambientales) of the former slaughterhouse Matadero Madrid, alongside the architecture practice Elii, once again propose their yearly Mutant Workshop which is an intensive week of workshops at the Design Centre devoted to writing the script of the first episode of Cli-Fi series.

Cli-Fi series is a 6-episode TV series on the future of our cities if they were to undergo extreme renaturalisation. As a speculative exercise aimed at tackling these and other matters from fiction, this project invites six artists to direct short episodes. Design students from the training centres that are part of DIMAD and film students in Madrid will work with the chosen artist and with urbanists, scientists and other experts to come up with storylines for the pilot.

The aim of this Mutant Workshop, that is supported by the Banco Sabadell Foundation is the co-creation of storyboards on potential futures of the city of Madrid.

The Mutant Workshop has an experimental and process-based approach. For this reason, the resulting work will be introduced to the public as an open studio on 22 February for everyone to see the different stages of the storyboards first-hand.


Dates: February 17 to 22. The workshops will be behind closed doors. Open studio day: Saturday February 22 from 12pm to 3pm
Place: Central de Diseño. Matadero Madrid
Admission: Workshop trhough prior reservation until capacity is reach (120 students). Free admission for the Open studio day