Outside the Box: 5 Years of INJUVE Design
From 24.01.19 a 24.03.19
All day long

Outside the Box has been curated based on three items to give visibility to the five years of hard work done by the young designers awarded by INJUVE with its grants for creation: these items are the box, the trip and the action of being outside the box. The exhibition presents 17 boxes and objects by young designers with the aim of materialising the dialogue established between the box as an intermediary between the work produced and the work displayed, travel as mediator and a tool for working contexts, places and processes, and as a way of understanding curating as a process involving a long conversation and the fact of being ‘outside the box’, an allusion to the exhibition technique.


Photography by La Proyectora de Ideas: Sheila Pazos “Cadavre Exquis” (detail)

Dates: 24.01 - 24.03.2019
Location: National Museum of Decorative Arts