Sáenz de Oíza. Arts and Trades
From 06.02.20 a 26.04.20
11:00 a 20:00

In honour of the 100th anniversary of the birth of this Navarra-born architect, this exhibition will explore the relationship between Oíza’s architecture and the artists and craftsmen he worked with: Eduardo Chillida, Pablo Palazuelo, Jorge Oteiza, Antonio López, Carlos Pascual de Lara, Alberto Schommer, Néstor Basterretxea and José Antonio Sistiaga, among others.

Organised by three of the architect’s children Marisa, Javier and Vicente Sáenz Guerra. Arts and Trades is divided into the following chapters:

The Business of Teaching: the task of learning and teaching
The Business of Spirituality: sculpture, architecture and painting in projects such as the Aránzazu Basilica (Oñate, Guipúzcoa) and the Oteiza Foundation (Alzuza, Navarra)
The Business of Living: literature, philosophy and poetry, reference books in his readings, based on This Business of Living by Cesare Pavese
The Business of Building: the buildings named Torres Blancas and Torre del Banco de Bilbao
The business of inhabiting: a look at the houses designed by Oíza, the problems and dreams of the house as the foundations of life
The business of imagining: the museum as an institution in the city and in the landscape. The Atlantic Centre for Modern Art in Las Palmas and the Jorge Oteiza Foundation Museum in Alzuza, last work and legacy of the architect
Patronage of the Huarte family: it will include the work made by different artists including Oteiza, Palazuelo, etc. and on display in the H Muebles showroom.


Dates: February 6 - April 26
Visiting hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 8pm. Sunday and public holidays from 10am to 2pm
Place: Museo ICO
Admission: Free