Soledad Vélez + Cumhur Jay concert

Soledad Vélez. In 2017 she launched a new album, the successor to Dance and Hunt. Its title is Nuevas Épocas and is the fourth LP in her discography, albeit the first in Spanish, wholly produced with synthesisers and keyboards from different periods. The album was recorded at El Álamo Shock with Guille Mostaza as co-producer, along with Soledad Vélez. It is also the first time that Soledad has shared the production, as she always took charge of all the sound alone. The album includes collaborations from Joe Crepúsculo—who was on Dance and Hunt—and Gerard Alegre from El Último Vecino.


Cumhur Jay. Born in Turkey in 1980, he lived in London until 2006, where he developed his musical style and innate creativity. At the end of 2015 Cumhur Jay started fully focusing on his new project, which started with the 2016 launch of his solo album entitled Dyschronometría, featuring an LP with 12 brilliant rhythmic tracks, which dig into the underground paths of techno.  


Tickets will be on sale at the box office of Conde Duque at the Center's ticket office and on the web, buy your ticket here.

* The reduced price rate will apply to unemployed people, over 65s, under 25s with a Student Card, users with a duly accredited municipal library card, groups of a minimum of 10 people, as well as people with reduced mobility and companions and friends of Fernán Gómez.


Date: Friday, February 8
Time: Opening Doors 7.30pm / Start 8.30pm
Location: Auditorium of Conde Duque
Admission: € 10 general public, € 8 reduced price