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From 20.02.19 a 28.02.19

In Encounters with Materialisation, professionals from two creative fields, communication and design, will get together to dialogue, from their different visions and outlooks, about the true pulse of Madrid and the work being done by studios based in this city. A new perspective, far from the standards around which both disciplines revolve, will involve participants who can ask suitable questions and learn about the different and most relevant processes and formats today.

6 Feb. Sobrecarga material (Material Overload)
joel blanco /// jorge penades /// andrés rodriguez (pte)

Industrial design has stopped dishing up restricted layouts. Designers are dealing with new technological uses and applications from scientific and humanist visions. New formats to explore new ways of moving into and shaping the future.

15 Feb. Matices entre arte y diseño (Nuances between Art and Design)
colectivo la cosa /// max enrich /// maría díaz del río

In this three-way meeting, the speakers will handle the new dilemma in the design environment. New identities and new creative paradigms for new social needs.

20 Feb. La excepción cotidiana y nuevas visiones espaciales (The daily exception and new spatial visions)
plutarco /// paula rebuelta

Spaces are no longer understood in the same way as in the very recent past. This freer and looser identity brings our homes and work and leisure spaces closer to our individual needs.

28 Feb. Género molecular, nuevas perspectivas desde lo femenino (Molecular Gender, New Perspectives from Femininity) mujer.objeto /// marisa santamaría

Organic as an identity in the design setting brings us new approaches and questions that are finding their answers in women’s actions in the design environment.


Date: 6, 15, 20 and 28 February at 8.00 pm.
Location: bulthaup claudio coello
Entrance: Prior registration via until full capacity is reached