Tomorrow’s Homes. IKEA
From 07.02.20 a 11.02.20
11:00 a 20:00

According to research conducted by IKEA, by 2050, 70% of the world population will live in cities. 1,600 million people won’t have access to an affordable and safe home; we will have to find solutions to feed the entire population; and digital connection won’t help avoid the sense of loneliness. It is obvious that we have to rethink the building, management and life cycle of our buildings, and IKEA has a vision of how to face these challenges.

Its vision is to create a better day-to-day life at home for the majority of people. With this in mind, it intends to get ahead of events and look into what homes and houses will be like in 2030. A home understood as more than the structure of a house, as it includes the neighbourhood, neighbours, services... A near future that IKEA has materialised, alongside Ikano Bostad and the SPACE10 research lab, in an exhibition. This exhibition will show the new ways of life that include co-living, a solution suggested by IKEA to prevent loneliness and provide access to a house based on shared spaces that connect us to our neighbours.


Inauguration: February 7th at 4pm
Dates: February 7th to 11th
Visiting hours: From 11am to 8 pm
Place: Palacio Santa de Bárbara Madrid
Admission: Free, limited capacity