With those who remain outside
16:00 a 20:00

The way our society operates (the capitalist and market societies in which we live) often leave different groups of people on the outside, who cannot completely take part in it for a number of different reasons. People who, due to where they come from, their financial situation and other miscellaneous circumstances, have been relegated, separated and cast out of the lifestyles that we recognise as most stable and fulfilling.

From our scope of action, as designers, architects and other professionals involved in planning, we do not normally have the chance to work in these settings unless we take the initiative to address them.

With a growing awareness in our society of the need to deal with these problems from all professional and social fields, we should also ask ourselves what commitments and responsibilities we can take on in this regard.

What can design do in this context? Rather than just considering and seeking ‘big solutions’, this workshop simply proposes being able to detect possible working areas by meeting with some of the people who are in these situations, to then understand and relate a bit better to their realities. Then together we can produce a possible starting point for a project.

The workshop does not plan to design anything at all, but instead to draft an initial document, which could be a project briefing, which could define an item or ‘something’ that merits being planned, and in which the person involved could find some value.


Date: Friday February 15 from 16.00h to 20.00h
Place: COAM 
Entry: Activity included in the MadridDesignPRO programming

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