Aristocrazy Design Bootcamp 2020

Understanding jewelry as an artistic discipline, the jeweler house Aristocrazy in collaboration with Madrid Design Festival, summons for the third consecutive year under the umbrella of Aristocrazy Affairs, an initiative of co-creation and support for emerging artistic talent. A unique educational experience that will take place on February 13, 14 and 15.

On this occasion, the expert committee, made up of BIAAF, has selected two participants from: Kyoto Seika UniversityEnsad ParísFIT New YorkTel Aviv y ESDEMGA will participate in ARISTOCRAZY DESIGN BOOTCAMP III under the tutoring of Carlos Fontales, known Spanish cestero teacher, dedicated to Teaching and research of this profession for more than thirty years.

Mmibratta: the Spanish basketry will be an intensive course where the different techniques and traditions applied within the different areas of the basketry world will be explored, with the help of the hands and the extensive knowledge of a Master of the stature of Fontales.

The objective of the workshop is to allow participants to know and experiment with three soft basketry techniques: spiral, braided and knuckle, using various materials such as esparto, straw and various types of reeds, with the aim of creating conceptual pieces linked to world of the most artisan and avant-garde jewelry.

Within the course there will be a theoretical part, in addition to a visit to the artist’s workshop in Caballar (Segovia) where you can personally know the exclusive collection of pieces collected by Fontales throughout his life.

The course will take place at the Materioteca (COAM) where students and their teachers will come into contact with the different materials throughout the three days, working on them and knowing first hand their limitations and their magic.