Festival OFF

¿What is Festival OFF about?

Festival OFF is a platform created to give voice to the main players in Madrid’s world of design, inviting them to be part of the festival by developing interesting creations at their facilities.

Among the participating commercial spaces  are design galleries, shops, studios, workshops, restaurants and pop-up shops. The spaces have been invited to highlight their singularity by proposing all types of activities, which can range from exhibits of collections, exhibitions, installations, product launches, talks and routes, all centred on one of the numerous disciplines of design, including architecture, furniture, graphics, lighting, pottery, and a long etcetera.

Madrid Design Festival works to maximise the dissemination of OFF spaces via all festival channels: printed guide, official website, newsletter and social media platforms.

The Festival OFF is a declaration of intentions that takes design to every corner of the city, creating a journey through some of Madrid’s spaces with the most personality that have design in their DNA.

In this third edition of Madrid Design Festival there are 62 spaces, between spaces and restaurants, that add to the Festival’s programm.