OFF Restaurants

from 01.02.19 a 28.02.19

Gourmet treats in Las Letras. The new culinary proposal of veteran cultural management company La Fábrica brings together a restaurant and gourmet shop with an Italian flair and meticulously selected products. The menu, designed by Naples chef Valentina Ciardulli, offers pan pizzas with oil, sandwiches, salads, Italian cold meats and top-level canned foods. And the restaurant is exploring one of the current gourmet trends: cooking in glass jars. Old time recipes, designed for dining in or 

takeaway, but without losing any freshness whatsoever. The menu for MDF includes a small dish of parmigiana di melanzane, a salad and panna cotta. A delight in small format.


Menú frasquito MDF
From February 1 to 28
From Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 0.00h. Saturdays and Sundays, from 10.00 to 00.00.
Price: € 12
C / Alameda, 9
Metro: Atocha

All day long
from 01.02.19 a 28.02.19

Art and home cooking. This curious space, with a subheading as organic café & anticmarket is both an organic home- made meals restaurant, shop with Peter, blending brunch, Fado music and art by young talents, and Nocti-luca, fun dinners organised jointly with Gourmetillo Food Studio.   


Cooking with Peter. Every Sunday in February, from 11am to 3 pm.
Noctiluca Dinners every Thursday and Friday in February, from 9.00pm to 0.00pm
C / Villalar, 6
Metro: Bank of Spain and Retirement
Contact: 918051512.

All day long
from 01.02.19 a 28.02.19

Tradition with meaning. Without neglecting the essence of a traditional tavern, La Retirada has appeared in the Ibiza neighbourhood with a new culinary proposal designed by Madrid chef Saúl Sanz ranging from traditional stews to some new versionsof the most emblematic dishes of its restaurant, Treze. Proof of the cooking quality is the tapa it has designed for MDF, which will be served exclusively during the festival.


From February 1 to 28
From Tuesday to Thursday, from 12.30pm to 1.30pm. Friday and Saturday until 2.30pm. Sundays until 4.00 pm.
C / Doctor Castelo, 26
Metro: Ibiza

All day long
from 01.02.19 a 28.02.19

Paris is also in Madrid. Welcome to the first Parisian brasserie in Madrid. Its menu offers the great classics of French cuisine, such as quiche Lorraine, salade niçoise, beef bourguignon and frog legs, in a sumptuous setting with a classic and Baroque inspiration. And if enjoying a meal starts with our eyes, during February Antoinette is dishing up a monochrome tasting menu, from cocktails to dessert, as well as drinks. Red, green, white and yellow will illuminate its tables on these days.


Menu monocromo 
From 1 to 28 February. From 11.00am to 2.00pm.
Price: 30€.

C/ Preciados, 34.
Metro: Callao, Santo Domingo, Gran Vía, Ópera.

11:00 a 02:00
from 01.02.19 a 28.02.19

Exclusive pleasures. At the boutique hotel ICON Wipton, located in the Salamanca neighbourhood, is this elite restaurant and social club, decorated in an English style, with a cosmopolitan and distinguished ambience, where you can savour items from its superb menu, with hearty and eclectic dishes. During MDF, The Captain's managers are offering an appetising proposal, The Satisfier, created by chef Mario Soriano. It pairs different whiskeys with different types of hot-dogs. A highly original idea that wants to turn the overused gourmet concept on its head, showing what a hot dog can be when it is crafted with culinary wisdom, in a fun and innovative format, for diners without prejudices. An exclusive dish that will be a memorable and fun experience.


From February 1 to 28
From Monday to Saturday, from 11am to 1pm. Sundays until 11pm.

C/ Calle Jorge Juan ,17
Metro: Serrano.

Contact: 914 35 54 11.

11:00 a 01:00
from 01.02.19 a 28.02.19

Half bar / Half tables. At this young restaurant in the Tribunal district, everything operates in halves. Created by four of eight brothers, the space is half bar and half tables, and its culinary proposal is half tradition and half renovation. During February, it hosts the exhibition Paisajes Humanos (Human  Landscapes) by photographer Gonzalo Arnejo, a collection honoured with multiple awards in which human landscapes, stolen portraits and street scenes all converge. In parallel, during the entire Madrid Design Festival you can savour the tapa of the month, a delicious reinterpretation of 'cocido' (typical stew): deconstructed 'cocido' for €5, which includes a beer, wine or soft drink. Every Thursday in February you can also enjoy, by booking and for a maximum of 15 people, a wine tasting with its paired dishes (€15).


From 1 to 28 February. From Monday to Wednesday, from 12.30pm to 01.00am. Thursday, from 12.30pm to 1.30am. Friday and Saturday, from 12.30pm to 2.00am. Sunday closed.
Tapa del mes: € 5 per person.
Wine tasting with pairings: € 15 per person.

C / San Mateo, 21
Metro: Alonso Martínez and Tribunal.

Reservations in the restaurant.

12:30 a 01:30
from 01.02.19 a 28.02.19

A latin feeling. Located in the current central offices of Casa de América, Raimunda's décor and gastronomy is inspired by the Latin American universe. The restaurant has two spaces, an inside dining room and an outside terrace, both decorated by Madrid in Love, where plant life plays a prominent role. The cuisine combines the traditional flavours of our country with ingredients from across the Atlantic.


From 1 to 28 February
From Sunday to Thursday, from 12.30pm to 0.00pm. Friday and Saturday, until 1.30am

Paseo de Recoletos, 2
Metro: Bank of Spain.

Contact: 910887247.

12:30 a 00:00
from 01.02.19 a 28.02.19

Designer tapa. To the gastronomy scene on Calle Ponzano this extra-large beer hall is added, which occupies an elegant space presided over by a large central bar. The bar serves up classic tapas like 'gildas' (pickle & anchovy skewers), 'torreznos' (fried pork belly) and marinated anchovies, as well as delights from the south like 'chanquetes' (tiny fish fry) and 'puntillitas' (small fried squid), Galician seafood and other more filling meat and fish dishes. And now it is serving up a tasty tapa exclusively for the Madrid Design Festival.


From 1 to 28 February 
From monday to sunday, from 12.30pm to 1.30am. Friday and saturday, until 2.30am
C/ Ponzano, 7
Metro: Alonso Cano

12:30 a 01:30
from 01.02.19 a 28.02.19

Design and colour. Located under the iconic red roof ideated by architect Jean Nouvel, NuBel is the restaurant at the Reina Sofía National Museum, where the studio More&Co has created a subtle yet welcoming atmosphere via its flexible system for organising the premises. The restaurant has designed a chromatic menu for the festival that brings together the modern and ground-breaking nature of NuBel and the astounding creativity of its chef, Javier Muñoz Calero.


From February 1 to 28
From Monday to Sunday, from 9 am. to 1.30 am.
C/ Argumosa, 43.
Metro: Atocha y Lavapiés.

Reservation: 915301761.

13:00 a 23:00
from 01.02.19 a 28.02.19

Pretty & flavourful Mexico. Among other Mexican culinary pleasures, this taco restaurant boasts of serving up the capital's best tacos, both classics and other gourmet options, as well as spectacular michelada beers and cheese chicharrones. Without forgetting its extensive cocktail menu with several types of margaritas, tequilas and mezcals. For the Madrid Design Festival, it has prepared an exclusive dish based on mezcal sweetbreads, only suitable for intrepid stomachs.


From 1 to 28 February
From monday to sunday, from 13.30pm a 1.00am

C/ Conde de Xiquena, 10
Metro: Chueca 

13:30 a 01:00
from 06.02.19 a 27.02.19

Dreaming Madrid. In a lovely space with warm colours, originally designed by Plantea Estudio, is this restaurant, serving tasty and healthy food in the most tradition part of Madrid. During the festival, it offers us an activity based on the language of the senses combining food, image, wine, words and music, with the sole objective of experimenting. The dining room on the ground floor of the premises designed by Madrid studio Casa Josephine will be the setting.


Copolímeros atácticos
All wednesdays of February at 9.00pm
Price: 15€

Plaza de Cascorro, 17 
Metro: La Latina y Tirso de Molina

Reservation: 910 282 541


Dinner in the heights. Awarded with a Repsol Sun, this restaurant keeps on serving up amazing dishes based on the highest product quality and on combining tradition, the vanguard and inspiration, at the hands of Catalan chef Ramón Freixa (2 Michelin stars). On 18 February, the renowned chef is organising a dinner at which he will explain where he draws inspiration to create the Ático menu, as well as revealing some of his techniques.


Dinner with Ramón Freixa
Monday, February 18, 9.00pm.
Price: € 125.


Ático. Marqués de Valdeiglesias, 1
Metro: Banco de España