Public installations 2018

from 05.02.18 a 28.02.18

Embroidery is a traditional and international handicraft technique, a feminine and invisible art that has never left the home, decorating bed, bathroom and kitchen linens. Design, interior design and handicrafts join forces to create a dialogue between two people in this workshop. Large scale cross stitch embroidery lets us communicate with another person, talking and separating us a bit from the technology that absorbs us so much, a way of recovering the idea of paying attention to the people who we are with, working with our hands and going back to a time of traditions. In the space we will have panels shaped like a house with a metallic fabric to work on. We will take a journey through the artistic styles that touch different continents and speak both of textile and decorative motifs.


IED Madrid, calle Flor Alta 8.

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06.02.18 a 25.02.18
06/02/18 a 25/02/18
from 06.02.18 a 25.02.18

Since the onset of the collaboration between Nacho Carbonell and Cervezas Alhambra for this project, and due to this brand’s connection to the Alhambra, the artist has been thinking of this fabulous monument as a source of inspiration in his design.

The installation of open transparent figures is his allusion to the Courtyard of the Lions. The idea of open space and the arrangement of the group of chairs incites the public to take time to open their senses and observe…

The high-backed chairs, reminiscent of the stylised svelte wood in the thin support columns at the Alhambra bear large display cases in which the nature of the light has an important function, creating lights and shadows dictated by the design of the bottles in an array of geometric decorations.

The melted bottles resting in the structure create a play of shapes and colours where the public feels—just like in the Courtyard of the Lions—invited to rest and contemplation.

To create the work, Nacho Carbonell used barley paste, which gives body and colour to the pieces, and melted over 10,000 Cervezas Alhambra beer bottles to create the glazed coverings that intertwine the chairs.

crear/sin/prisa (create/without/hurry) is the contemporary creation platform by Cervezas Alhambra that transfers the brand’s desire to promote artistic creation and to respect handcrafted traditions reinterpreted with a contemporary twist and stopping to appreciate the details with all our senses.

The Courtyard by Carbonell, Cervezas Alhambra’s new project on the crear/sin/prisa platform is exhibited for the first time as part of this edition of the Madrid Design Festival.

07.02.18 a 25.02.18
07/02/18 a 25/02/18
from 07.02.18 a 25.02.18

Every day we all become increasingly aware of the need to improve our habits and the collective awareness about our environment, although nonetheless our cities—gigantic and vast—are often far from reflecting this change of paradigm. It is urgent that, as citizens we contribute, along with different players like designers, public institutions, brands… and to start to collectively rethink new collective visions for our cities, which can regenerate the urban landscape in a way cohesive with people and their environment.

For this reason, MINI and Enorme Studio, a young design firm specialising in the public space and participative dynamics is making an original proposal, with an installation situated in the mythical Plaza Santa María Soledad Torres Acosta in Madrid. This installation, in addition to being a meeting point for design and the city, will concern itself with the use of renewable energies. It will have USB charging points and reading points lit by solar energy, as well as the possibility to charge devices with the kinetic energy generated by movement. This new habitable and efficient equipment will try to work on the most pressing challenges of daily life.

For over a year MINI has been in the Malasaña neighbourhood with its space open to creativity, the MINI Hub, which is now opening up to the outside with this installation. The inside will be invaded by meetings between designers who are rethinking new ways of making a city: city furniture workshops entitled Bench a Day, which will develop new ideas for urban benches; talks on interactive urban stages; new public space laboratories; and talks-debates on how cities of the future will be. All these activities will handle urban design and the city as their main topic to work on in a collaborative, trans-disciplinary and intergenerational way.

Montaña en la Luna represents an opportunity to experiment based on the idea of a designer office and portable architecture, on the street and close to users, with which any and all new proposals for cities of the future must be co-designed. This new endeavour by MINI is framed within its objective of improving urban life, contributing to a rational use of resources and maximising the motto ‘Creative Use of Space’ inherent to the brand’s DNA.

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07.02.18 a 18.02.18
07/02/18 a 18/02/18