Committee 2019

Madrid Design Festival, conceived and created by La Fábrica has counted, from its inception, with the collaboration of an advisory committee composed of experts, specialists in different fields. The committee members in 2019 were: Anatxu Zabalbeascoa, Inma Bermúdez, Jasper Morrison, Lucas Muñoz, Martí Guixé, Nelly Ben Hayoun, Quico Vidal and Ramón Úbeda.

Inma Bermúdez

She began her professional career in various product design studios in Germany. In 2007 she returned to Spain and founded her own.

She collaborates with large international companies such as IKEA and Zaozuo, and national companies such as Lladró and Marset. She complements her work teaching classes and workshops in different national schools. In 2016, she receives the AD prize for the designer of the Year.

Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison was born in London in 1959. He graduated in Design from Kingston Polytechnic in 1982. Then he attended the Royal College of Art for postgraduate studies, which included a year at Berlin’s HdK art school.

Upon graduation Jasper set up his Office for Design in London in 1986. He established himself with two installations: Reuters News Centre at Documenta 8 in Kassel in 1987, and Some New Items for the Home, Part I, at the DAAD Gallery in Berlin as part of Berlin Design Werkstadt in 1988. Jasper’s earliest designs were produced by Aram and SCP in London, Neotu in Paris, FSB in Germany and Cappellini in Italy. In 1989, he began collaboration with Vitra with the exhibition Some New Items for the Home, Part II, at Milan’s Furniture Fair. He went on to form Utilism International with Andreas Brandolini and Axel Kufus, providing exhibition design and town planning services. In 1994 Jasper began a consultancy with Üstra, the Hanover transport authority, designing a bus shelter and then the new Hanover tram. Further collaborations began in this period with projects for the Italian companies Alessi, Flos and Magis, and the German porcelain manufacturer Rosenthal.

Martí Guixé

Martí Guixé (1964). Educated in Barcelona and Milan as an interior and industrial designer. In 1994—coinciding with his time as a consultant in Seoul (Korea) —he started to create a new way of understanding product culture in Berlin. He started exhibiting his works in 1997, which are characterised by the search for new product systems, the introduction of design into the food sector, and presentations via performances. His utterly unconventional vision sets out ideas with brilliant simplicity that are curiously earnest. He works in Barcelona and Berlin for international companies.


Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

Lucas Muñoz Muñoz is a Spanish designer based in Holland. His work is developed in a variety of media including audiovisual, narrative and material. He develops, mainly through objects, studies on functionality, production, mobility, social relations and sound resonance among others. Surrealism, humor and critical spirit are, on many occasions, tools used to display conversations and understandings about our relationship with the environment through its materiality, manufacturing processes and logistics, relationship with the user or relationship with social and cultural systems in those that develop.

Lucas is a professor at the Masters of Design and Innovation of the IED of Madrid and in the department of Man and Leisure at Design Academy Eindhoven, as well as assistant Doctor in the Design Department of the University of Navarra.

Ramón Úbeda

Ramón Úbeda is a journalist and designer. He started working in the world of design in 1984. The exceptional thing is that he has done it from all fronts: as a journalist, graphic artist, designer, art director and curator. He is a multifaceted person, has collaborated with Spanish and international journals, has published numerous books, has been curator of different exhibitions and practices cultural activism from institutions such as the Signes Foundation or the FAD, from where he promoted projects such as Mater, the first materioteca created in Spain . He develops a wide professional activity as a designer, both graphic and industrial, although he is in the face of artistic director and consultant, working from within the companies, where he feels most at ease. He works in some of the most important Spanish companies, all of them recognized with the National Design Award: BD Barcelona Design, Camper, Metalarte and Andreu World.

Anatxu Zabalbeascoa

Anatxu Zabalbeascoa studied journalism in the Autonomous University of Bellaterra (Barcelona) and History of Art in The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has lived in Barcelona, were she was born in 1966, London, Boston, Chicago, Rome and Madrid, were she currently resides. She is the architecture and design correspondent for the Spanish newspaper El País, were she’s been publishing for 24 years. Since 2010, she also writes an architecture blog called Del Tirador a la Ciudad, in the digital version of El País. 

Zabalbeascoa has published many books about architecture topics. Including: The New Spanish Architecture, Rizzoli, Nueva York, 1993, Vidas construidas. Biografías de Arquitectos, Gustavo Gili, 1998; Las casas del siglo, Gustavo Gili, 1999; Minimalismos, Gustavo Gili, 2000 (english translation) o Todo sobre la casa, Gustavo Gili, 2011.

She served on the juries of Spanish National Design Award, the Gold Medal of Spanish Architecture, the Biennial of Spanish Architecture, the Architectural Prize of the City of Barcelona, the Architecture FAD and the Villa of Madrid Architecture Prize among others, and currently is president of the jury of the Loewe International Craft Prize. She has been curator of architecture events in the Reina Sofía of Madrid (Minimalismos, MNCARS Madrid, 2001 y Alhóndica de Bilbao.  Proyecto de Bilbao, Bilbao, 2012). Invited professor in the Master in Interior Spaces Design at Elisava (Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona), she has studied at Grinell College (Iowa) and at the School of Architecutre of the European University of Madrid.

Nelly Ben Hayoun Ph.D

Known as “Willy Wonka of design and science”, award-winning director and experience designer, Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun is a critical explorer and an intrepid and passionate provocateur. In 2014, WIRED magazine awarded her a WIRED Innovation Fellowship for her work to date and its “significant impact on the world”, while in 2013, Icon Magazine promoted Ben Hayoun as one of the 50 international designers who are shaping to the future. In addition, in 2015, she was nominated for a Women’s Achievement of the Year Award, which awards, since 1955, women who have achieved a significant achievement and who are being recognized for their progress in making the world a better place. Nelly is an Experience Designer at the SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), Head of Experiences at WeTransfer, member of the Space Education and Outreach Committee of the International Astronautical Federation, adviser to the United Nations for its virtual reality laboratories, member of the advisory board of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) in Los Angeles, and visiting professor at the Royal College of Arts and the Architectural Association.

Quico Vidal

Quico Vidal runs Nadie, the creative think tank, a brand, strategy and innovation consultancy firm that was founded in Madrid in 2004. The firm has worked for brands like Swatch, Camper, a brand for which Vidal was creative director, the Telefónica Foundation, Aristocrazy, Amadeus, Puig, Canal+, Colección Solo, Photoespaña and Malababa. With a BA in Sociology, specialising in Consumer Sociology, he is a guest professor for several post-graduate degree programmes and a contributor to the Spanish edition of Port Magazine. He also develops his personal creativity in the fields of sculpture and photography.