Made of air

Daniel Schwaag is an expert on materials and production, with experience in new technologies produced at a microscopic level, and their application to production materials. As cofounder of Elegant Embellishments and Made of Air, he coordinated the complex design and production of Prosolve370e, a modular façade that reduces pollution in city air. He has extensive experience in computer aided design and in form-finding, the search for efficient systems and structures that supply more people with fewer resources. He is a mentor at Hybrid Plattform, UdK Berlin and publisher of the online journal SLAB Mag. With over 10 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and development of fashion and household accessories, Adele Orcajada investigates the relationship between design, materials and the circular economy. She has worked as a materials researcher at several material libraries in London, coordinating exhibitions and presentations for designers and architects seeking new materials for their projects. As a partner of MaterialDriven, she launched a materials library at The Building Centre in London, where they exhibit innovative materials for professionals and visitors who are looking for solutions for a sustainable future.