Public installations

29.01.20 a 16.02.20
29/01/20 a 16/02/20
from 29.01.20 a 16.02.20

MINI, through its MINI Electric brand, suggests a video installation to reflect on the importance of preserving nature in the city with a main goal: reducing CO2. A sustainable lighting experience produced with minimum power consumption and materials that will turn the iconic vertical garden of CaixaForum into a dreamlike space.

During the daytime, the new electric MINI will play sounds of nature surrounded by plants, as if it were a piece of land-art. At night, the lights will be turned off to give way to a show of animated light particles evocative of moving insects and will travel across the vertical garden to produce a hypnotic effect.

On this occasion, MINI has relied on the Mayice studio to create and build this project. Also, they will work together with Loreto Aycuents on the plant art and with visual artist Pablo Montero to develop the video-art projection.


Dates: January 29 to February 16
Visiting hours: During the day you will be able to see the installation. The light projection though will be activated from 7pm to 11pm
Place: Vertical garden. CaixaForum Madrid
Admission: Free

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29.01.20 a 17.02.20
29/01/20 a 17/02/20
from 29.01.20 a 17.02.20

MultiPly, an 8m-high wooden pavilion that is carbon neutral and made exclusively with American tulipwood will be revealed on the Explanada del Puente del Rey in the Casa de Campo as part of Madrid Design Festival.

This installation is the joint work of the Waugh Thistleton Architects studio, the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) and ARUP and is an answer to the greatest challenges in our time: the growing need for housing and the urgency in fighting against climate change. They propose bringing together modular systems and sustainable building materials as a solution.

MultiPly is made up of a series of interconnected spaces that overlap and intertwine to form a labyrinth. Its design has been created and built to encourage visitors to rethink the way we design and build our houses and cities.


Fechas: January 29 to February 17
Visiting hours: 
Place: Puerta del Rey - Casa de Campo. Madrid Río
Admission: Free

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30.01.20 a 01.03.20
30/01/20 a 01/03/20
from 30.01.20 a 01.03.20

Wood fibre understood as a new element to produce volumes. This is the starting point of the Astral Bodies installation made by Finsa, pioneer in manufacturing MDF. To develop and conceive this installation, they have relied on the Enorme Studio architecture studio.

Playing with colour and working on the material with a 3D approach, they have created diverse meteorites that will show visitors the many uses of wood fibre and open a new imaginary world. Each meteorite has been digitally created using photogrammetry software and 3D modelling software to produce the final models. A singular and original universe that can be lived in and is coming to Madrid for the very first time after its visit to the last Milan Fashion Week.


Dates: January 30 to March 1
Visiting hours: Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 9pm

Place: Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa
Admission: Free

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05.02.20 a 28.02.20
05/02/20 a 28/02/20
from 05.02.20 a 28.02.20

Focusing on the reuse of plastic and with designer Jorge Penadés as their mentor, the students from the Degrees in Product Design and Interior Design run by IED Madrid, have created an installation that proposes the use plastic in an eco-friendly way.


Dates: February 5 to 28
Visiting hours: Monday to Friday from 10am to 8pm. Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. Ilumination de 6pm to 8pm
Place: IED Madrid Palacio de Altamira
Admission: Free until capacity is reach

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07.02.20 a 16.02.20
07/02/20 a 16/02/20
from 07.02.20 a 16.02.20

Within its Talent on board initiative , focused on supporting Spanish talent in different disciplines, Iberia presents in the Sala Polivalente of the Cultural Center Conde Duque a space that invites visitors to review, through three experiential facilities, our habits of consumption.

An action created by Viernes y Lo Mínimo that generates new maps through geodesign, food design, experiential or contextual design, and born of Iberia's commitment to its sustainability objectives. Elsa Yranzo, Hyperstudio, Plutarco, LANOCHE and Joel Blanco participate in it.


Dates: February 7 to 16
Visiting hours: From 12pm to 3pm / from 4pm to 7:30pm
Place: Sala Polivalente. CC Conde Duque
Admission: Free

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14.02.20 a 15.02.20
14/02/20 a 15/02/20
from 14.02.20 a 15.02.20

The Thunderlook is an original participatory installation, which can be visited in the Sala Polivalente of the Conde Duque Cultural Center, in which the crossing of eyes through a visual recognition system unleashes a unique experience with light and sound, which represents in real time the connection between the two people. Created by Espadaysantacruz Studio for the fragrance Bad Boy by Carolina Herrera, the installation shows the subtlety of the art of seduction for the public of the Festival.


Dates: February 14 and 15
Visiting hours: From 11am to 2pm / 3pm to 7:30pm
Place: Sala Polivalente. CC Conde Duque
Admission: Free

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19.02.20 a 22.02.20
19/02/20 a 22/02/20
from 19.02.20 a 22.02.20

For the very first time, Mutek will be coming to Madrid with the customised show by the artist and creative technologist Alba G. Corral Esculpiendo la luz: atmósferas sonoras y paisajes digitales (Sculpting Light: sound Atmospheres and Digital Landscapes).


Dates: February 19 to 22
Hour: 19th and 21th at 7pm; 22th at 12pm
Place: Roca Madrid Gallery 
Admission: Free with prior reservation until capacity is reach (60)

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