Cosentino City Madrid

The “Cosentino City Madrid” opened its doors to the public on February 23, 2017, being the first of the “City” that Cosentino opened in Spain, and the eighth of those open until then throughout the world.

Under this name there is an innovative concept of an integral exhibition space located in the heart of the main cities of the world. The “City” offers architects, designers, interior designers, and final consumers a center of information, help and personalized attention, as well as the perfect framework to see first-hand the wide range of Cosentino products. In its spirit also resides the function of being a meeting point for the community of architecture and design based on each city, and host of different public presentations, events and actions related to these fields.

Located in the meeting of Paseo de la Habana with Castellana, the “Cosentino City Madrid” occupies a place of almost 1,000m2 divided into three floors that house, in addition to the different corporate work areas and meeting rooms, the showroom or exhibition space of the firm, a showcooking area, the interactive showroom and the social space for presentations. During 2017, more than 7,000 people visited this showroom in Cosentino, where books, architectural projects, magazines or digital portals have been presented, and which has also been the scene of charity auctions or fashion shows, among other events.

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Paseo de la Castellana, 116,